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Sandra Meza, CPDT-KA

Head Trainer & Owner

Sandra found her love of dog training at the young age of eighteen after her family adopted a dog with an unknown history of aggression. 


Since 2015, she has gained invaluable knowledge and experience through training with over 10 species of large animals, box stores, private dog training businesses, board certified veterinary behaviorists, and board and train facilities.


Sandra now specializes in doing in-home work with aggression, reactivity, and anxiety based behavior modification for dogs.


She constantly strives for new certifications, takes online courses, and attends conferences to keep herself up to date on the most recent reward-based, humane, and scientifically effective training methods.

Our Team

John Dao

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John specializes in teaching basic manners to hyperactive dogs.

John is currently working towards a training certification and loves learning about the behavior modification process for reactive & anxious dogs.

Dog Trainer

Nick Myers


Nick is the "human guinea pig" in our Reactive Rovers programs.

Nick is on his way to working in the film industry but, being the guardian of a reactive dog himself, loves helping people reach behavior modification goals in between college classes and content creation.

Canine Behavior Attendant


Training Philosophy

Sandra Meza, CPDT-KA, has a core belief that the animals we invite into our lives deserve the best version of us. She strives to truly understand the canine mind and create effective wavelengths of communication between them and humans. All of her research, hands on experience, and time with top professionals in the field has brought her to the conclusion that dogs learn most effectively and retain knowledge for much longer periods of time with force-free, motivational training methods.

What does this mean for you and your dog?

Amazing things! It's Sandra's dream to reach into as many households as possible to change the way humans interpret their dog's sometimes frustrating, funny, and confusing behaviors. She provides positive, structured training programs to help you understand your dog like a pro and give you and your dog a new level of appreciation for each other.

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A young witch in a black hat and mantle makes a potion in a black cauldron with a magic wa

What is Alohomora?

Growing up in the age of Harry Potter, Sandra was infatuated with the wonderful wizarding world J.K. Rowling created in her books. During a re-read of the series in 2017, Sandra stumbled on the word "Alohomora." This fictitious word is rooted in a language used in West Africa and is explained as "The Unlocking Charm."

The definition specifies that this charm only works to unlock items that have not been locked with magic. Sandra appreciated the meaning behind the definition because the decoding process of a dog's mind is a simple one once you've learned to understand what your dog has to say. She loved turning it into the idea of "unlocking the canine mind," hence the name "Alohomora Dog Training."

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