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Portrait of a beautiful young Australian Shepherd Blue Merle looking at her master and wai

B A C K    T O

What's Included?

  • 4 in-home training sessions: first session is 90 minutes and the following 3 sessions are 60 minutes each

  • Back to Basics handbook + homework tracker

  • Welcome Kit: appropriately fitted harness, food enrichment toy, treat pouch and clickers, 15 foot long line leash, and a sample bag of training treats

  • 6 weeks of unlimited phone, e-mail, and text support from Sandra following the completion of the program


  • must be a minimum of 12 weeks old

  • up to date rabies vaccine

  • puppies cannot exhibit signs of reactivity or aggression to qualify for this program - for dogs that struggle with these behaviors, check out the Reactive Rovers program


Serious Belgian Shepherd dog Malinois wi


I couldn't say anything else about the help this trainer provided.
I'm amazed at the difference in my Malinois. He was extremely anxious and becoming next level destructive as he entered adolescence. I've owned working dog breeds my entire adult life and have never dealt with anxiety like this in a dog before. All the obedience training and exercise in the world wasn't helping. Sandra came in and helped me identify all the things I was doing wrong. She changed my entire approach to dog ownership."

The pug is looking at the camera. Pug pu


"Eugene LOVES Sandra!!!!!!!!!! 
We adored training and learned lots of awesome skills for my little grump. I LOVE that Sandra focuses so much on the emotional relationship between you and your dog and heavily considers the human side of dog training. She never got annoyed with me for asking silly questions or needing instructions repeated again and again."

A happy gray and white Staffordshire Bul


"Daff is the most over excited dog in the whole world. She nips, she jumps, she scratches, she barks and whines, she hits me with toys, etc. As Sandra always says: she's just always ready to party.
Sandra came in and within minutes had my psycho jumper in a sit and dropping toys on command. She adjusted our exercise routines and implemented lots of opportunities for Daff to rest and I saw immediate changes. I never thought it would be possible for her to be so chill. Thanks Sandra!"

Back to Basics FAQs

Vet examining dog. Puppy at veterinarian doctor. Animal clinic. Pet check up and vaccinati

Alohomora Dog Training is an insured business. 

Because of this, all dogs over 12 weeks old cooperating in any program must be vaccinated with a minimum of an up to date rabies vaccine OR have proof of a rabies titer taken within the last 90 days.

Does my dog need to be fully vaccinated for this program

Sunny dogs day_edited.jpg

Extra dogs in the home are no additional cost.

However, if multiple pets in the home contribute to the "family drama," you might need more than 4 sessions. This c
an be addressed during your Discovery Call.

Can we work with multiple dogs in the home?

Lovely orange dog portrait from side with an open mouth, showing tongue and teeth. Puppy i

- basic obedience cues: reliably responding to their name, sit, stay, leave it, loose leash walking, touch, and coming when called
- house manners: not jumping on guests, avoiding demand barking, other unwanted behaviors
- any other problem behaviors your family would like to address

What behaviors will my dog(s) learn in this program?

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