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Reactive Rovers

For the dogs that struggle with out of character reactions to dogs or people.

As a participant in a Reactive Rovers program, you will work on behaviors that will assist you in safely managing your dog at home and in public, improve your relationship, and teach them the world isn't so scary.

Puppy Primer

Puppies go through a critical socialization phase. This period of time starts at birth and lasts until about 12-14 weeks of age.


The way they experience their world during this time has a large impact on your puppy's lifelong behavioral wellness - will they be the fearless, confident dog you envisioned?

Back to Basics

Get help building basic obedience behaviors.

Get rid of unwanted habits around the house such as inappropriate chewing, jumping, counter surfing, etc., so your dog can become a well behaved member of your home.

Day Training

Do you feel too busy to tackle training in sessions? Day Training sessions are done 1:1 with a certified trainer and your dog. We work on issues inside and outside of the home with check-in's with you to ensure success and longevity.

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