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Welsh corgi pembroke dog walking nicely on a leash with an owner during a walk in the city

D O G   W A L K I N G

Did you know that an appropriate level of physical exercise is a biological need for our dogs?

Meeting physical exercise needs can help your dog be calmer, more responsive to training, and less inclined to partake in unwanted behaviors like digging or chewing up your things!

Are you struggling to properly physically and mentally exercise your dog because of work and/or family life obligations?

Our dog walking services are your solution!

What can we work on while on a walk with your dog?

  • sit

  • stay

  • recall (coming when called)

  • puppy socialization

  • on-leash manners with other dogs & strangers

  • polite leash walking

  • hand targeting

  • middle/center

joyful Siberian husky puppy on colored l

How Does It Work?

All package options include:


This 30 minute appointment will allow you, your dog, and your trainer to meet, talk about walking goals, and figure out scheduling.

Selected Number of Training Walks 

We teach your dog the important, everyday behaviors you need to have

a polite neighborhood walking companion.

We believe enrichment opportunities are essential for our furry family members to live healthy, balanced lifestyles. Your dog will not only receive top-kotch training, but plenty of opportunities to explore, sniff, and decompress!

Click here to see individual package details & pricing.

Transfer Sessions

Transfer sessions last 45 minutes.

They are used to "transfer" the new behaviors your dog has learned over to you and  answer any questions you may have.


Harnesses are considered based on your dog's physical build so we avoid impeding natural movement, decrease risk of injury, and eliminate any issues with neck constraint in brachycephalic dogs (bulldogs, pugs, etc.).

Pick Up/Drop Off Options:

Anyone over the age of 18 can answer the door to give the dog to your trainer

- You can leave your dog in the yard so our trainers can take and drop them off through a back/side gate.

- Your trainer can be notified if there is a spare key or fob hidden in the yard

- You can leave a lock box with a spare key or fob on a door/gate

- If you have keyless entry to your home, you can give the code to your trainer

- If you regularly leave a back or side door unlocked, let your trainer know they can enter there

PLEASE NOTE: trainers will not take fobs, house keys, or gate keys off the property at any point


- Dogs must be at least 8 weeks old

- Dogs must be up to date on rabies vaccines

- Dogs cannot exhibit signs of reactivity or aggression. Please check out our other services if this is something you and your dog(s) are struggling with.

Click here to see the Frequently Asked Questions

why choose dog walking?

  • Convenient - we work around your schedule while your dog gets exercised & trained

  • The trainer does all the hard work and you only need to be present to learn hand signals and verbal cues during the Transfer Sessions

  • The trainer will show you how to use the cues in everyday life, even practicing in public spaces during Transfer Sessions if needed

  • The use of food can be faded out with a highly experienced dog trainer so you don't need to keep track of reinforcement schedules, accidentally build bribes into your dog's behaviors, or worry about becoming dependent on lures.

  • All you have to do is maintain the behaviors your dog learns!

The Rookie


5 Walking Appts

1 Transfer Session




What Do We Teach?

  • foundational polite leash walking skills

  • sit at crosswalks

  • hand targeting

The Veteran




12 Walking Appts

2 Transfer Sessions


What Do We Teach?

  • moderate polite leash walking skills in low distraction areas

  • sit at crosswalks

  • hand targeting

  • foundations for "stay"

  • foundations for coming when called

The Expert



20 Walking Appts

4 Transfer Sessions



What Do We Teach?

  • moderate polite leash walking skills in high distraction areas

  • sit at crosswalks

  • hand targeting

  • middle/center

  • "stay" around moderate distractions

  • foundations for coming when called

The All-Star



30 Walking Appts

6 Transfer Sessions



What Do We Teach?

  • advanced polite leash walking skills in high distraction areas

  • sit at crosswalks

  • hand targeting

  • middle/center

  • "stay" around high distractions

  • advanced response to coming when called

  • on-leash manners with other people and dogs

Day Training faq

Veterinarian with a Chihuahua puppy placing one of his first vaccines_edited.jpg

Per our insurance, all dogs must have an up-to-date rabies vaccines to qualify for this service.

We highly recommend early intervention for socialization. Before your puppy is cleared to put paws on the ground, we can use strollers and puppy carrying bags to start the training and socialization process.

See the AVSAB's pull position statement on puppy socialization.

What if my puppy isn't fully vaccinated yet?

fun german shepherd dog puppy background_edited_edited.jpg

What your dog can learn is directly contingent on the number of sessions you choose, your individual dog, and how well you maintain the work your trainer puts in.

The more time we have with your pup, the better we can help you meet your goals!

What behaviors will my dog learn in this program?

Cute Brown smile happy Labrador retriever puppy against foliage sunset light bokeh backgro


All packages require a minimum of a 25% booking retainer.

After that, the remaining balance of your package can be paid off in up to 4 installments.

Payment plan due dates are decided upon during your Meet-n-Greet. 

Are payment plans available for these programs?

Great Pyrenees in a field of mustard flowers._edited.jpg

For safety reasons, we do not take more than 1 dog off your property at a time. This allows us to focus the needs of an individual animal while maintaining personal and public safety standards.

We can/will split the number of sessions you've selected to work with multiple dogs.

Can you train more than one dog at a time?

Vet examining dog. Puppy at veterinarian

Per our insurance, dogs must have an up-to-date rabies vaccines to qualify for this service.

However, we highly recommend having a fully vaccinated dog because we will likely frequent areas with a high volume of other dogs (parks, neighborhood trails, etc.)

Does my adolescent/adult dog need to be fully vaccinated for this service?

Dog walker strides with his pet on leash

We're not opposed to using the harness you already have!

We're just picky about harnesses around here. Ill-fitting equipment can increase risk for short term and long term injuries. 

Because of this, we order appropriate harnesses for each client to make sure we're accommodating each dog's body structure and musculoskeletal movement.

My dog already has a harness. Do I have to get one with my package?

7-Month-Old Female Double Doodle Puppy,

Training Walks take place in the places your dog frequents, including your neighborhood, local parks, etc.!

Our goal is to create a dog that listens wherever you go and a human (yes, you!) that values physical exercise and mental enrichment.


Where will the Training Walks take place?

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