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Are you embarrassed by your dogs reactions towards other dogs and/or people?

Do you feel like you need to go out late at night in order to avoid any other signs of life on your walks? Have you given up on walks completely?

Are you sad and frustrated seeing your dog struggle so much?

I help people with dogs that struggle with big, out of character, out of control reactive behavior achieve a beautiful, peaceful partnership.

Together, we will

1.  Immediately identify and work towards managing outburst scenarios.

2.  Customize proven, humane training techniques for your situation.

3.  Incorporate "whole dog wellness" protocols and habits for behavior change into your everyday life for  effective results.


A Pit Bull Terrier mixed breed dog with

chris & penny

"Badger was creating a big rift in our home. When we called Sandra, Badger had just bitten my boyfriend's mom, we argued about what to do with him constantly, and we were ready to break up over the dog. Sandra came in with so much knowledge and compassion. One of the first things she said to us was 'He's not giving you a hard time he's having a hard time' and it changed so much of our perspectives, especially mine. She taught us so much and Badger is a different dog now. You're awesome girl!!!"

7-Month-Old Female Double Doodle Puppy,


"I rescued my dog from an abusive BYB situation. She really struggled with meeting new people at home and on walks. Sandra was super respectful of Athena's space and worked hard to earn her trust. I learned an incredible amount about in-depth doggie body language, which is super helpful as a rescue worker. What really sold me on this trainer's package was that Sandra hires people to be "guinea pigs" for your dog's training. It great learning how to handle Athena around strangers and expose her to new people with the trainer there.

Dog playing outside smiles_edited.jpg

"Our dog was super reactive to other dogs and people. We tried working with a few other trainers in town over the last few years and no one shared the knowledge Sandra did regarding reactive dogs. She taught us a ton about his triggers, how he communicates, and clicker training. We LOVED her explanation of bribes vs reinforcements - it helped us understand why we couldn't get him to listen unless we had food with us and be able to teach him to listen without it.  We never thought Lucky could make so much progress in just 6 weeks!"

savana & harrison

RR Testimonals

Learn the proven systems and techniques to help dramatically improve your dog's behavior, bring joy back into your relationship with them, and manage embarrassing outburst scenarios.

At the end of 6 weeks, you'll be able to:

  • confidently walk your dog with the tools and knowledge needed to handle any situation

  • easily predict your dogs behavior and identify early signs of stress

  • reduce frustration, concern, and anxiety in both you and your dog

What's Included?

  • 6 in-home training sessions: first session is 90 minutes and the following 5 sessions are 60 minutes each

  • up to 4 sessions with the use of trained human assistants and live demo dogs

  • Whole Dog Wellness Assessment

  • Reactive Rover handbook + homework tracker

  • Reactive Dog Success Kit: appropriately fitted harness, food enrichment toytreat pouch and clickers15 foot long line leash, and a sample bag of training treats

  • a 30 minute check-in session 6 weeks after program completion

  • access to discounted continuation services

  • lifelong phone, e-mail, and text support from Sandra following the completion of the program


  • dogs must be a minimum of 12 weeks old

  • a rabies vaccine OR proof of positive titer test within 90 days of program start date

  • owners must be present for all sessions

  • It is highly recommended that all incoming Reactive Rovers have a full physical exam and full panel of blood work completed by a veterinarian within 90 days prior of the start day of their program - why do I need this?

Reactive Rovers FAQs

Vet examining dog. Puppy at veterinarian doctor. Animal clinic. Pet check up and vaccinati

Alohomora Dog Training is an insured business. 

Because of this, all dogs over 6 weeks old cooperating in any program must be vaccinated with a minimum of an up to date rabies vaccine OR have proof of a titer taken within the last 90 days.

If your dog has a legally recorded bite history, they must be up to date on all county vaccines.

Does my dog need to be fully vaccinated for this program?

Sunny dogs day_edited.jpg


Extra dogs in the home are no additional cost.
However, if multiple pets in the home contribute to the "family drama," you might need a larger number of sessions.

Can we work with multiple dogs in the home?

A tricolor mixed breed dog listening intently with a foggy background_edited.jpg


After a booking retainer of 25%, the remaining balance of the program can be made in up to four installments (for a total of 5 payments).

Are payment plans available for this program?

Dog walker strides with his pet on leash

We're not opposed to using the harness you already have!

We're just picky about harnesses around here because ill-fitting equipment can increase the danger of dog's slipping/backing out and increases the risk of short term and long term injuries.

Because of this, we order appropriate harnesses for each client to make sure we're accommodating each dog's body structure and musculoskeletal movement.

My dog already has a harness. Do I have to get one with my program?

fun german shepherd dog puppy background_edited.jpg


Alohomora Dog Training is an insured business

This allows us to work with dogs that have a bite history.


Can you still work with my dog if they have a bite history with dogs and/or humans?

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