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P U P P Y   P R I M E R

Are you a new puppy owner? Do you want to avoid your new canine companion developing bad habits like biting, jumping, demand barking, and property destruction from the very beginning? Do you want to prioritize socialization so you have a confident dog you can take to a farmer's market or the family barbeque?

By helping you come up with a clear and easy-to-follow plan that prioritizes socialization, potty training, and basic obedience, we can make sure your puppy turns out to be the fearless, confident, well-behaved member of your household and society you envisioned.

In this program, we prevent the four hardest behavioral challenges from popping up in the future: 

aggression, reactivity, resource guarding, and separation anxiety.



esmerelda & dausha

"My wife and I have learned so much from her 5-week puppy program and training with Sandra was always fun. We are both happy with the progress Lilo has made thus far and know it’s the best choice we could have made in reaching out for guidance and support from Sandra."

German shepherd puppy in collar playing


"I wanted to make sure my puppy would grow into an adult dog that could handle the world well. My family and I are super socially and physically active and we wanted a dog that could keep up with that lifestyle. Sandra gave us a lot of tools to work on potty training, important obedience cues we still use everyday, and so much amazing socialization info - Whiz is close to two now and just about bomb proof and it's fully thanks to Sandra and this program. If you want a solid adult dog, this is the program and trainer for you."

joyful Siberian husky puppy on colored l

kallik & haily

"Sandra helped us train and socialize our puppy who was a rescue from Greenland. My husband was born and raised there and it was super important to him that Nanook was bilingual as an ode to both their roots. Sandra studied words to use and pronunciation for commands in Greenlandic before our first session. This simple act of kindness shocked us. This trainer went above and beyond for us and our dog and we will forever be grateful for the skills and knowledge she gave us."

At the end of 5 weeks, you'll be able to:

  • take your puppy to new places knowing that they will listen to you

  • leave your puppy unattended at home for longer stretches of time without coming back to potty accidents

  • refine and replace puppy behaviors like inappropriate chewing (ex: destroying shoes), mouthing and nipping, jumping, digging, and demand barking

What's Included?

  • 5 in-home training sessions: first one is 90 minutes and the following 4 are 60 minutes

  • 10 pick up/drop off Day Training socialization outings the puppy will take 1:1 with Sandra for safe, all-inclusive exposure to the world

  • Puppy Primer socialization handbook and homework tracker

  • Puppy Welcome kit: food enrichment toytreat pouch and clickers15 foot long line leash, and sample bag of training treats

  • 12 weeks of unlimited phone, e-mail, and text support following the completion of the program


  • must be a minimum of 7 weeks old

  • cannot be over 12 weeks (3 months) old

  • must have a minimum of their first round of DHLPP (distemper, hepatitis, leptospiriosis, parvo, and parainfluenza) or proof of positive titer dated at least one week before program start date

  • puppies must wear either a Blue9 Balance Harness or 3-In-1 PetSafe Harness - Alohomora Dog Training can provide a loaner for the duration of the program at no charge if needed

  • puppies cannot exhibit signs of reactivity or aggression to qualify for this program - for puppies that struggle with these behaviors, check out the Reactive Rovers program

Puppy Primer FAQs

Veterinarian with a Chihuahua puppy placing one of his first vaccines_edited.jpg

According to the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior, puppies should begin the socialization process to the world a week after their first round of vaccinations.

See the AVSAB's full position statement and cited sources here.

Does my puppy need to be fully vaccinated to start this program?

A red puppy is playing on the floor._edited.jpg

- socialization
- potty training
- house manners:
not jumping on guests, avoiding demand barking, other unwanted behaviors
- basic obedience cues: reliably responding to their name, sit, stay, leash walking, leave it, touch, and coming when called

What behaviors will my puppy learn in this program?

Cute Brown smile happy Labrador retriever puppy against foliage sunset light bokeh backgro

Are payment plans available for this program?


After a booking retainer of 25%, the remaining balance of the program can be made in up to four installments (for a total of 5 payments).



After a booking retainer of 25%, the remaining balance of the program can be made in up to four installments (for a total of 5 payments).

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Extra puppies are no additional cost. However, you may want to opt in for more Day Training sessions. Only one puppy will be taken out at a time so the existing 10 socialization/training outings in the Puppy Primer will be split between both dogs.
It's encouraged that you check out this article on "Littermate Syndrome" if you plan on bringing two puppies home.

Can we train more than one puppy at a time?

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