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P A W S   I N
T H E   P A R K

Are you ready to improve the skills your dog learned in their training program? Do you want to keep working towards an overall well trained dog? Are you focused on getting that really well-rounded dog that listens everywhere?

It's time to level up! 

introducing paws in the park!

What does this service offer?

✅ Generalize Behaviors 

We focus on honing your dog's ability to perform cues reliably in any situations, whether it's at a distance, for an extended period of time, or amidst all kinds of crazy distractions. We work on generalizing the following behaviors around distractions:

🐶 sit

🐶 down

🐶 sit/down stays

🐶 touch

🐶 polite dog-to-dog introductions

🐶 healthy dog-to-dog play

🐶 leash walking

🐶 leave it

🐶 drop it

🐶 polite greetings with people

🐶 place/mat work

🐶 recall

✅ Tailored Training Plans

Our experienced trainers will continue to create personalized training recommendations to address your dog's specific needs and challenges, ensuring continued growth and success.

Ongoing Support

We're here to provide guidance, feedback, and encouragement every step of the way. We want you to achieve your goal of achieving long lasting behavioral excellence with your dog. Ask us questions in between group sessions!


Don't let all your progress go to waste!

PitP Subs
Group Of Dogs With Owners At Obedience C

How Does It Work?

What is it?

Paws in the Park is a subscription service designed to allow current and previous Alohomora dogs to practice skills in group classes.


We practice the things your dog learned in program in different locations to build generalization, improve stress resiliency, and work on neutrality around other dogs and people.

There are 2 Paws in the Park sessions every month.

Each session lasts approximately 45 minutes (but you're not required to stay the whole time if your dog isn't there yet).

Our trainers hold classes in different parks in Fresno and/or Clovis.

The day of the week and start times vary to accommodate a variety of client schedules and weather.

We will have two to three big outings a year that will either take place somewhere on the California coast or in one of the beautiful national parks that surround our valley!



Subscription Options

30 Day Renewal - $40

Your subscription will auto-renew every 30 days from first date of purchase. You will have access to a total of 2 Paws in the Park sessions.

90 Day Renewal - $95

Your subscription will auto-renew every 90 days from first date of purchase. You will have access to a total of 6 Paws in the Park sessions.


paws in the park faq

Vet examining dog. Puppy at veterinarian doctor. Animal clinic. Pet check up and vaccinati

Per our insurance, dogs must have an up-to-date rabies vaccines to qualify for this service.

However, we highly recommend having a fully vaccinated dog because we will frequent areas with a high volume of other dogs (parks, neighborhood trails, etc.)

Does my dog need to be fully vaccinated for this subscription?

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Yes, however...

Each dog must be attached to a human over the age of 18



Can we participate with multiple dogs in the home?

Lovely orange dog portrait from side with an open mouth, showing tongue and teeth. Puppy i

A charge of either $40.00 for a 30 day subscription or $95.00 for a 90 day subscription will auto-renew through Alohomora Dog Training's booking site every 3 months.

If at any point you wish to discontinue this service, you must sign in to your account through PocketSuite and cancel the subscription through the app or website.

How do payments work for this service?

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